Certified Mission Statement

Certified is a national skills development and verification program that provides a readily identifiable resource of highly motivated, skilled, and knowledgeable patrollers to better serve NSP, ski area management and the outdoor recreation community.

Steps to become a Central Division Certified Patroller:

  • Senior Alpine Patroller with 5 years of NSP membership.
  • Read Chapter 12 of the Ski Patrollers Manual.
  • Talk to a Certified Patroller and/or your Region Certified Advisor about the program.
  • Download the Central Division Certified Manual and National Study Guide (beta).
  • Fill out application and submit to Certified Program Supervisor prior to January 1st.
  • Attend a Certified Qualification Clinic and demonstrate the skiing and tobogganing skills necessary to be accepted into the program.
  • Attend the annual Certified evaluation, passing all of the program modules within the allotted three year window.